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Offering a deeply disturbingly fun and therapeutically educational CARD GAME called Mental Disorder plus a free portal paradox into the harsh historical reality and brutal blasphemous truth of psychiatry, psychology, and the lucrative forensic "trade in lunacy"

Imagine yourself, an eccentric psychopath, being diagnosed with schizophrenia and having the opportunity to submit to toxic lifetime maintenance medication every day for the rest of your life. Or how about sending someone you just met into an insane asylum because you as a licensed alienist have legitimate authority to clinically diagnose and scientifically influence judgment. These and many other fascinating scenarios, including "the care of Lunticks" await everyone who endeavors to journey into the hideous realm of Mental Disorder.

1999 (face-to-face) fun, educational, and therapeutic psychology card game, including:

Throw away the prescribed poisonous behavior medicine that is based on inexact mad-science and play this clinically proven good therapy game.

This is a great gift idea for card game enthusiasts, precocious minds, adolescents, parents, highschool students, college students, government officials, complete mental health evaluation experts , clinical mad-doctors, subversives of mal-administration, risk assessment agents, principals, therapists, patients, lawyers, Iraq War veterans, Afghanistan War veterans, assassins, psychology students, women, and men. Introduce it at an innovation, leisure, or revolutionary happening.

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Mental Disorder by is a deeply disturbingly fun psychology card game. It is educational and therapeutic.

Play this clinically approved moral treatment remedy instead of submitting to a delusional shrink who exaggerates their personal importance because it will be one of the best and least expensive things you can do for your mental state, family, and friends. Operations conducted by players include:

  • Make a "prognosis" on another player.
  • Diagnose your neighbor.
  • Submit to Voluntary or Involuntary Treatment.
  • Influence diagnostic battles with Mental Healthcare Professionals and Publications.
  • Use defensive mechanism.
  • Role dice and draw Random Events.

  • Learn about the Inquisition, Asylumdom, Moral Education, government-sponsored terrorism, Haslam, Dorathea Dix, Freud, Blood-letting, Chains, Bilbos, Ritalin, and many other ambitious institutions, people, and paraphernalia of the forensic "trade in lunacy" in this fun multi-player face-to-face therapy card game that takes one hour to play in a 4-player game. Play this scientifically proven game and witness the real disposal of mental disorder. Escape brainstorming madness of democracy government-qualified paranoia, fear, danger, threat, and high risk.

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    Are you interested in endless Dynamic Research on Mental Disorder? is the internationally recognized on-line authority on mental disorder and we reject the pretensions of qualified medical men to exclusive expertise on the diagnosis, treatment, and disposal of mental disorder.

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